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PubSafe Exams

Assessing Public Safety Teams' Skills and Readiness

Public Safety Leadership


How do corrections, fire, and police officers obtain leadership positions, and what measures their leadership behaviors and skills? Are the right people placed into these positions, and can these individuals lead larger numbers of officers in the future? These are critical questions for Public Safety Departments, as they strive to embrace a balanced and comprehensive approach to effective public safety measures.


Successful supervisor and middle manager corrections, fire, and police officers will be those capable of creating certainty, mitigating risk, and avoiding uncertainty when leading their teams and supporting their operations. Evaluating these competencies will be critical to success. GaryWashConsulting will work with public safety leaders to develop and implement sound promotion process strategies aimed at determining strong internal department supervisors and leaders.

Developing Validated Promotion Processes to Build Tomorrow's Public Safety Leaders

We offer testing services for public safety agencies. GWc has worked with public safety clients in the State of Georgia and will be increasing the number of clients to be served outside of Georgia. We offer promotion examination services for positions in the public services (police, fire, and corrections). These services include written exams, oral interviews and assessment centers. We provide standardized, nationally validated selection materials or can develop promotion selection process specifically designed for your agency. Our selection processes are reliable, validated, fair.

NOTE: We specialize in creating solutions more tailored to your agency's specific needs. Materials and content are customized.

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