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DEI Programs

Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion:
A Strategy for Success


Have you ever wondered:

  • Why do we have diversity in organizations?

  • What are the advantages created when the workforce is more diverse?

  • Are there disadvantages to a diverse workgroup?

  • How do we mitigate disadvantages?

Let us help you answer these questions on your way to establishing a divergent-thinking, results-focused organizational culture.

Gartner Consulting provides research to stimulate diversity thinking...

To ensure D&I initiatives are successful, organizations must make sure they are sustainable, which means the strategy is supported by the entire organization, is measurable over time, and is embedded into existing processes. Organizations that are able to enact sustainable D&I strategies can achieve a 20% increase in organizational inclusion. This corresponds to a 6.2% increase in on-the-job effort, a 5% increase in employees’ intent to stay with the organization, and a nearly 3% increase in individual employee performance.

Initiating a Proactive Approach: Embed DEI Into Organizational Culture

Employees throughout an organization look to top management to set diversity examples. If management is committed to maintaining a diverse workplace characterized by dignity, others at all levels of the organization will be as well. GaryWashConsulting works with organizational leaders to conceptualize and implement a wide range of DEI solutions aimed at four critical factors: (1) top management support, (2) DEI leadership, (3) DEI policies and procedures and (4) DEI education and learning.

DEI Strategy Model_Ad.png

Here's what we can help you with:

  1. Developing a business case that ties DEI to business outcomes

  2. Educating leaders on our 3C's: Consensus, Commitment, and Champions

  3. Stakeholder involvement for change management efforts

  4. Aligning DEI to HR functional deliverables

  5. Creating an implementation team for consistency and support

DEI Education and Learning Solutions:
The X-Factor for Success

At GaryWashConsulting, we contend that ongoing diversity, equity, and inclusion training is a key factor to retaining diverse talent within an organization. It stands to reason; it is difficult to keep employees in an environment in which they do not feel welcome.


We use an industry-recognized training needs model to create value-focused DEI curriculum and modules specific to the organization's directives. We also leverage our current 'Managing DEI Model' and today's research to ensure we provide innovative learning solutions.

Contact us for additional clarification on building DEI program and learning solutions.

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