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Our Vision for Success
Sustain a Passionate and Results-Centered Consultant Operation Focused on Client Value Creation

Who We Are

Who We Are


GaryWashConsulting has been practicing in the strategy, HR, government, and public safety arenas since the 1980s. Created in 2010 as an alternative means by which small and middle-size agencies, public safety, and HR departments can leverage needed assessment, talent, and learning solutions. GaryWashConsulting supports these types of deliverables without their associated high costs. Our consultancy results from passionate, highly-skilled, and credible performance improvement consultants capable of providing game-changing results without mind-blowing costs.


Conceived by Dr. Gary Lorenzo Wash, GaryWashConsulting, formerly known as DrgSolutions, is a consultant supplier of enterprise strategy, assessment, and professional development solutions for business, state and local governments, and human resource and public safety departments. Through our tried and tested consultant model, we primarily support these entities' ongoing strategic talent and organizational development strategies and processes. 


Our Capabilities


Our core capabilities allow us to provide unquestionable knowledge, skills, and abilities that teams and organizations can leverage to close gaps in program assessment and planning, talent development, and overall leader knowledge. We apply more than 80 years of collective consultant experience to help our clients conceptualize and build vital programs, tools, and teams. From analysis to evaluation, we ensure a seamless process approach aimed specifically at the expressed needs of our clients.


Learn more about how we approach "strategic needs discovery," ultimately leading to the implementation of partner solutions. You can also contact us directly for more specificity about our services.

Our Mission


Drive and lead the efforts that emphasize and produce unquestionable client support and results. We will do this by ensuring a high level of passion and commitment as we strive to implement the required critical initiatives we know will garner results and success for our clients and stakeholders. We pledge our business consultant model to be center stage in all client relationships.

Who is Dr. Wash?

Dr. Gary Lorenzo Wash

Award-Winning Professor |  Business & HRM Leader  US Army Veteran

Dr. Wash consults on promoting and leading strategies aimed at achieving organizational success through highly-talented management teams.  For more than 25 years, he has been employed by and partnered with profit and not-for-profit business stakeholders formulating strategic planning, human capital, learning strategy, and implementing value-added programs and processes aligned directly with corporate vision and mission.  


While most of his experience as a strategy leader comes from partnering with HR, talent management, and organizational development and learning teams, Dr. Wash has also lent his experience throughout his career on various internal business project teams, including business process restructuring, logistics EDI analytics, human services, and HR scorecard development, and six sigma DMAIC training rollout.  He is also an experienced college and university human resource management and business professor and a 20-year US Army veteran.

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Senior Consultants

Consultant Expertise

Dr. ​​​​Dan Rousseau serves as GWc's Senior Consultant for public safety initiatives. The primary focus for the role is partnering with public safety institutions to advise and deliver on assessments for training and promotion exam programming as well as facilitating leader development course. He is an accomplished executive and management professional with over 30 years of progressive transformational leadership assignments in various operational settings.  In 2016, Dan retired from the U.S. Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) as Supervisory Special Agent where he was directly responsible for the daily supervision of the domestic training staff and students. His primary area of responsibility included development and delivery of all entry level Special Agent, Intelligence Analyst and Diversion Investigator and the Emergency Medical Technician (EMT), Firearms, Tactical/Raids, Defensive Tactics Training Programs.

Dr. Rousseau served in the U.S. Army and U.S. Army Reserve for approximately 36 years. He is a branch qualified Military Police, Civil Affairs, and Logistics Officer. He has served in several combat, contingency, domestic and foreign assignments during his military career and in support of the Global War on Terrorism.

Dr. Rousseau holds a Doctor of Criminal Justice, a Master of Arts in Education (Training & Development) and a Bachelor of Arts in Criminal Justice degree and is currently an assistant professor and instructor of criminal justice.


Dr. Daniel Rousseau

Senior Consultant

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Dr. Marina Kamenetskiy

Senior Consultant

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Dr. ​​​​Marina Kamenetskiy serves as GWc's Senior Consultant for leadership, management, and curriculum development initiatives. The primary focus for the role is partnering with clients to assess, design, develop, implement, and evaluate a wide range of talent and instructional solutions. She is an accomplished solutions architect professional with over 15 years of progressive transformational involvement in various operational settings as a results-focused academic professor and a dedicated curriculum specialist.


Dr. Kamenetskiy is the founder/Instructional Designer for eLearning Designs Group, a boutique consulting entity focused on professional and technical writing along with course content development for areas such as strategic business management and policy. She is also a veteran higher education professor with more than 12 years teaching subjects from English to business communications to doctoral-level courses in leadership and management. She is highly skilled in both course delivery and course development. Dr. Kamenetskiy is also a certified Change Practitioner awarded by the prestigious Prosci Institution.

Dr. Kamenetskiy holds a Doctor of Education in Educational Leadership & Management, a Master of Arts in Technical Communication and a Bachelor's in Telecommunications Management. She also is an associate at Siemens Digital Industries Software as a Curriculum Architect.

Dr. ​​​​Brian Grizzell serves as GWc's Senior Consultant for educational solutions development and business strategy management facilitation. He has over 22 years of experience in organizational leadership, K12 education, and higher education, respectively. He has also served as a full-time faculty in the areas of management and education and is the Principal Owner and Lead Consultant of Brian Grizzell and Associates, LLC, a successful consulting firm specializing in organizational restructuring, leadership coaching, grants writing and management, performance strategy, and workforce development.


Dr. Grizzell has contributed to over 50 published peer reviewed articles in the fields of education, urban education, organizational behavior and leadership, and management. He also serves on the Review Board of the Joint Conference of the Academic Business World International Conference and the International Conference on Learning and Administration in Higher Education. Grizzell brings to the firm a wealth of experiences that helps to address needs in both education and business.

Dr. Grizzell holds a Doctor of Education in Higher Education Administration, a Master of Education in Adult Education and a Bachelor's in Business with a Finance focus. He is also performing as a city councilman for Ward 4, out of Jackson, MS.


Dr. Brian Grizzell

Senior Consultant

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Mike Bendon

Senior Consultant

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​Mike Bendon serves as GWc's Senior Consultant for organizational development solutions and business strategy management facilitation. His strengths are focused on change management, coaching, consulting, and training delivery. 


Mike Bendon has provided expertise in individual, team, and organization development across multiple industries for more than 30 years. His client-centered approach helps accurately assess individual and group strengths and areas for improvement as well as effective strategies for development. Mike’s relaxed facilitation style helps create an effective learning environment and insightful development experiences at all levels of the organizations he serves.


Mike has earned a Master of Science in Organizational Development from one of the nation's top OD programs at Pepperdine University. He also has a bachelor's degree in education from the University of Missouri.

Dr. ​​​​Brian Henderson serves as GWc's Senior Consultant for HR management and business initiatives. The primary focus for the role is partnering with organizational leaders and teams to conceive and deliver on HR and business strategy, planning, and process development. He is an accomplished leadership and management professional with 25 years of progressive human resources and higher education experience.

Dr. Henderson has contributed his career expertise across various industries including healthcare, waste management, and most notably, higher education. In the latter, he continues his contributions as an established professor of HR management and business. Dr. Henderson also currently provides guidance and support for multiple consulting firms on HR frameworks, models, and business process strategies.

Dr. Henderson holds a Ph.D in Organization and Management, a Master of Business Administration, and a Bachelor of Arts in I/O Psychology. He is also a certified Online instructor and course development quality professional.

Dr. Brian Henderson

Senior Consultant

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Insightful. Collaborative. Facilitative. Strategic.

Closing performance gaps and achieving business results are paramount to long-term organizational success. Effective strategy, planning and team development is a must.

Learn more about how we engage with our clients to understand their needs and create winning talent management solutions.
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